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Periodontist or Dentist for Gum Disease?

By Dave / August 23, 2007

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Okay here it is. I am feeling strange I called the insurance; they said I have a PPO plan so this is great news…. K so I looked up my plan on the web site. SO come to find out the Periodontist is NEXT DOOR to my dentist, they are good friends, why has he not sent me NEXT door This Dr just done implants for my mom she had 4 done I met him I had NO IDEA he was a period??? GRRRRRRR any how I have an apt on the 28th at 430pm. For a consultation. I will keep you posted until then; I will be using my Flosser at the LOWEST level until then, CAN’T hurt!!!

I feel like an idiot all this time I could have had him instead of my dentist, I have seen for 20+ years!! By the way I am 28 Years old. My advice to any one is FIND OUT YOUR PLAN AND KNOW WHAT YOUR BENEFITS ARE, AS FAR AS INSURANCE GOES….

– name withheld.



This is similar to the problem I had. My dentist never referred me and she should have a long time ago.

I referred myself to the periodontist and I’m glad I did. They told me/ taught me so much more about caring for my gums. I wish I had gone a long time ago.

Like you, I didn’t know. Spread the word.

This is one reason I’m a little annoyed with my dentist.

They were ready to do a root scaling and planing on me until I found the Hydro Floss and that saved me from getting that done.

But for years, my gums bled during cleaning at the dentist’s office. Instead of referring me out they just let it get worse and on top of that, I thought it was normal to bleed during cleaning. I didn’t know any better. And they never told me either.

I wonder if they were afraid of losing business? The periodontist’s hygienists do a much better job of cleaning my teeth and their focus is on keeping the gums healthy. After about 20 years-old or so, taking care of the gums becomes more important.

However, even children as young as 6 have been found with gum disease.

I have other reasons for being annoyed with my dentist too.

Anyway, I’m glad you are going to see the periodontist soon.

That is why I try to tell people in my book on gum disease that it is best to see a periodontist. Their focus is on the gums, the dentists’ focus is somewhere else or so it seems.

– Dave

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