Ice Skaters in Germany

By david / February 18, 2012

This body of water is usually not cold enough to skate on in the winter time. But this year 2012 was different. For a few days, people were able to skate. The fire department makes the determination and they block off the areas that remain unsafe.

As we were walking to a nearby farm for refreshments we happened across a frozen lake full of skaters. I came back a couple of hours later to take the video. The previous time there were probably about 10 times the number of skaters that you see depicted in the video.

On our way to the farm, the roads were packed with people eager to get onto the ice. I don’t know how word spreads so fast. However, everyone found out somehow and the number of people there initially was quite large.

Ice skating is not something I have done personally. I like to watch it though.

Ice skate blades are generally quite sharp and you should exercise a good deal of caution whenever you are around ice skates or ice skaters.

As you can see the people in this German town really enjoy ice skating.

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