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Sale on Dr. Katz Products Ending Soon

I want to let you know that Dr. Katz’ sale is ending soon.

You can save up to 60% or $157 dollars on his products.

Here is the link to the sale:


I like these products because most of them are oxygenated and pH balanced.

Oxygen is the bane of the anaerobic bacteria that cause us so many dental health problems.

pH balance is important because when our mouths are acidic, the bacteria multiply more rapidly.

By driving the pH higher, you are slowing them down.

In addition, a higher pH balance favors your Saliva’s natural ability to remineralize the teeth.

The stronger your teeth are the more resistant they will be to cavities and substances that will break them down (acidic foods and drinks).

Our teeth are in a constant state of repair and break down. If the environment favors the later, problems can develop.

So you see, dental health is about more than just ‘brushing and flossing’.

If that advice were enough, no one would get cavities or gum disease.

Obviously, people have plenty of both.

Gum disease is a problem that afflicts approximately 75% of people right now.

Unfortunately, many of those 75% are unaware that they have a problem.

Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss. Nothing else even comes close.

In addition, we constantly assault our mouths with acidic drinks like coffee and soda.

Can oxygenated, pH balance give you the edge you need to protect your dental health?

Here is the link to the sale:


Wishing us all the best dental health possible.

David Snape

* This information is stated in general terms only. For questions about your unique dental health situation, you should ask your doctor or dentist for the answers. I am affiliated with Dr. Katz’ company and I like his products.

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