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Bacharach Germany – A Video of a Village in Bacharach Germany

By david / February 12, 2012

What is actually slightly humorous about this video is the conversation that I am having with a boy who speaks a different language.  Our inability to communicate effectively is the funny part.

Neither one of us knows what the other is saying most of the time.   If you know both German and English you will understand the problem.

Since making this video, I have learned a tiny bit more German and can understand a little more.  But even today, I think the conversation may not have gone much better.

What I think is interesting too is the use of the word ‘maths’.  I often hear people use this word when speaking English too.   There is no such word in the English language.

The word ‘math’, like the word ‘hair’, is both singular and plural in English.   However, this word DOES exist in German.   It is short for the word ‘mathematics’.

This is one of the many differences between the German and English language.   You can read more about the beginning of my German learning adventure here.

If you have comments or questions about this video, I hope that you will leave them below.

Germany is quite an interesting country.  If you are from America, the most notable thing is that the buildings and architecture is quite different than what we are used to in America.

Most of the buildings in Germany are made of stone and are built to last.  This is quite different from the wooden structures favored in the US.

Stone is a better choice if you want your home to last longer.   I think with a newly constructed house of wood in the US, you will have problems within 100 years.  Buildings in Germany can last quite a bit longer.

You will notice that the roofs are also different.

Unlike America, where you usually have to have your roof redone every 10 to 15 years, in Germany, they use something that is designed to last 50 years before repair becomes necessary.

In addition, Germany tightens its construction rules and regulations almost every year.  They are attempting to move all new construction towards the passive energy state.

Much energy is reclaimed this makes for better and better construction.  The downside is that if you want to build a new building in Germany, it is quite costly.

However, given that the building is likely to last longer, it seems to be a fair tradeoff.

This video depicts vineyards.  As you can guess, much wine is grown along this area.

Back in the days of the Roman Empire, this practice of wine growing on the hills was actually introduced or refined by the Romans.

In addition, the Romans were quite famous for the bath houses that they built.  These were constructed in a very interesting way.  You can still find the remnants of many in Germany today.  (none depicted in this video).

If you have comments or questions, please ask them below in the comment section.  Also, use the buttons below to share this post / video with others.

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