What is a Perio-Aid

By Dave / August 16, 2007

Question:What exactly is the Perio Aid??


Answer: A Perio-Aid is a nifty curved-handled device with two ends in which the blunted end of round toothpicks are inserted.

The device is used by cleaning your gum line with it. I won’t get too specific about how to use it, you should ask your periodontist to teach you. I say this because I have received conflicting instructions from different hygienists.

Personally, I use it by tracing along my gum line at least once-per-day.

I believe it is fantastic at reaching areas of your gum line that are not necessarily reached by the best brushing and flossing.

As stated many times before, the point of this exercise, much like brushing and flossing is to remove the biofilm called plaque. Under the plaque is where the anaerobic bacteria that can cause both dental decay and gum disease proliferate.

Biofilm is constantly forming, hence you need to disrupt it daily. Once you remove or disrupt the plaque the process of it forming again begins again.

Theoretically speaking, if you remove the plaque daily, those bacteria that cause problems won’t be able to form. However, not everyone can get every area along their gumline. The Perio-Aid helps with that

I hope that answered your question. If not, you can ask Dave another question.


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