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Human Zoo – Comments on Video NOT Shown Here…

By david / January 11, 2012

I recently saw the ‘human zoo’ video where police on an Indian Island are encouraging tribal women to dance for the tourists in exchange for food.

Many of the women were naked.   It was clear to me that at least some of the women were not very enthused about this arrangement.

I am not going to show the video here because I find it disturbing.

Human Nature

This whole scenario is nothing more than an exposure of the base roots of human nature.

Driven by the desire to possess money, these local policemen were willing to do this.

In any ‘industrialized’ country, this type of behavior would be completely unacceptable.   Yet, on the Indian island this occurred on (I do not know which one), something like this is able to happen.

I find it sad and disturbing.

We live in a world of exploitation.

Can we raise the lowest common denominator just a little more people?


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