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What If You Were Addicted to Drugs…….

By Dave / August 13, 2007

When you stop to consider the life of a drug addict you have to consider them from a compassionate angle.

When you combine homelessness with drug addiction, the picture is especially grim.

Sometimes a terrible willingness to do anything to get money or drugs arises. When this happens, the person really can’t even be considered to be acting as a rational human being any longer.

It makes me sad to run into people like this. Their life span must be correspondingly shortened when you consider that their weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to disease.

At some level there has to be a willingness to overcome addiction. Without such a willingness, the job is much tougher. In either case, a drug rehab center can help.

The centers can provide an environment that can faciliate rehabilitation. This environment is the opposite of an enabling environment. Everyone there is in the same boat, working towards being drug free or sober.

Many of the sub cultural or environmental triggers that spark drug use will also no longer be present. Such an environment can offer hope. Often times, multiple stays at rehab centers are necessary.

Though expensive, these centers can be helpful. When you consider the alternative, they may not be so expensive after all.

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