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By david / August 12, 2007


When it comes to gum disease you are most likely at a disadvantage.

If you visit the Mayo Clinic website, you will find a statistic that states that most (as many as up to 80%) of the US adult population suffers from some form of gum disease. The study was only done in the US but it is reasonable to assume the numbers are the same or worse around the world.

Enter Dr. Katz complete gum care kit. It IS one of the products that I mention in my book about gum disease. The kit has both oxygenated mouthwash and toothpaste in it. It also has moldable trays to keep the periotherapy toothpaste in contact with your gums a bit longer than mere brushing alone does.

The kit also includes specially treated dental floss. I have used all of the items in this kit, except that I use my own custom trays instead of the moldable ones. However, the moldable ones will work just fine.

Perhaps one of the most important things included in the kit is Dr. Katz’s Oral Health Secrets handbook. The handbook explains a number of steps you can take to fight or prevent gum disease. The secrets are not your typical ‘run of the mill’ common sense lists about fighting gum disease.

Among other things, Dr. Katz talks about the proven ability of pyrophosphates to fight the formation of plaque. Plaque is the biofilm universally agreed to be the cause of gum disease. More precisely it is the bacteria that grows in the plaque that is the culprit.

Since the biofilm regrows constantly, you actually have to take steps daily to fight its buildup.

Dr. Katz’s Periotherapy kit helps you to do that more effectively.

Here are some of the highlights from the side of the box:

— Concentrated PeriO2 provides healthy oxygen to damaged gum tissue AND attacks nasty anaerobic bacteria.

— ZincRx provides natural anti-microbial zinc ions to fight problem bacteria.

— CoQ10 helps provide energy to damages cells.

— Pyrophosphates help to prevent plaque and tartar from building up on tooth surfaces.

— Also contains all-natural Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil.

The gum care kit retails for $27 but you can can use this special coupon code: A-PER10 to get a discount off the cost of the kit plus free shipping. The free shipping is a cost savings all by itself.

In addition, if you do decide to purchase the gum care kit, and because you are serious about fighting gum disease / gingivitis, I will give you a digital copy of my book: What YOu Should Know About Gum Disease.

The book covers much need-to-know information about gum disease and what to do about it.

All you need do to receive your copy is use the contact form and send your receipt to me with a note that says, ‘please send me your book’.

I will then send you the link where you can download my book to your computer.

To receive a report on gum disease, entitled Fighting Gum Disease just sign up here:

Here are the directions that come with the PerioTherapy Kit:

1. Create your own custom periotherapy trays (directions included in the box)

2. Once daily, use one of the trays (either upper or lower) and place a small amount of periotherapy gel (the toothpaste) into the tray. Gently seat the tray onto one arch and let sit for about 10 minutes directly on the gums and teeth of each arch.

3. Alternate trays and arches every night so that each arch is bathed in periotherapy gel at least three times a week, for about 10 minutes each time.

4. After removal of tray, bursh the teeth and tongue. Do not use water!

5. Pour periotherapy rinse (the mouthwash) into measuring cup (included) to the half way mark. Rinse thoroughly for 60 seconds and spit out.

6. Use the included special floss to clean all areas between the teeth.

7. Take an additional 1/2 measuring cup of the rinse and gargle for 60 seconds and then spit out.

8. Once daily use the perio therapy gel/toothpaste as your daily toothpaste (it contains everything you need, plus added gum protection)

9. After using perio therapy gel/toothpaste, rinse with perio therapy oral rinse.

10. Make sure to floss at least once daily with our handy floss (included)

If you decide to get the gum care kit, for added savings, use coupon code A-PER10 at checkout.

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