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My Take On Visualization For Health – Or Any Other Purpose For That Matter…

By david / January 10, 2012

Visualization and HealingI recently read an interesting article about visualization being used to improve health. One of the many premises portrayed in the article was about using your mind to ‘visualize’ your way back to health.

My take on this is that this has been tried by a lot of people over a vast period of time – if it had turned out to be a viable solution 100% of the time, we would know by now.

Belief can be powerful. You can indeed think your way out of pain SOMETIMES. And you may be able to help your body heal SOMETIMES. Of course, this has not been PROVEN to the standards of today’s science.

The reality, in my current opinion, is that health is a very complicated state to maintain and achieve. There are many factors involved.

Generally speaking, the vast majority of humans as far as we know, are going to die. Life on this planet has been temporary for as far back as our history can show us.

Intuition would probably tell a reasonable person that there is a reason why it is this way.

Does that mean that you should not visualize? Not really.

But, I do think that you should consider that their are many more factors that can influence health and sickness.

There are the basics of proper nutrition, exercise to move the lymph, good air and water, oxygen supply, and so many other factors that you cannot say that visualization alone is going to make or keep you healthy.

Instead, it could simply be ONE influencing factor in the equation.

Since we have entered a more or less philosophical realm, let us consider that the greater may reflect the smaller and visa versa.

Not many people have considered that the Universe and even the Earth may be living beings with their own form of consciousness.

Stars go through a period of birth, life and death, just like humans do.

They seem to be no more able to ‘live forever’ than we do.

Some have speculated that there is another place beyond the physical where people do live forever. That could be true. No one can prove or disprove that in our current state.

But perhaps, there is something that influences to a greater degree than just plain visualization.

Bernie Siegel stumbled across some interesting phenomenon in his encounters with cancer patients. In his work, Love, Medicine and Miracles, he seems to suggest that replacing hate with love and negative with positive that cancer patients appeared to have more instances of remission than those who did not work on these factors.

I would suggest that perhaps choosing good over bad in a moral sense has something to do with this too.

Does it not seem like even empires collapse when they become to ‘bad’ or ‘greedy’ or ‘corrupt’. Maybe this macro concept has a reflection in the health of individual humans too?

What do you think?

Suggested reading: Zhuan Falun by Li, Hongzhi – available for free download at FalunDafa.org

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