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Is There Life After Death? What Happens When You Die?

By david / January 4, 2012

I encourage you to watch the video of this young man who died right around Christmas time.

If you have ever wondered about ‘life after death’ questions, this may renew your hope or questions.

I hope you enjoyed this inspiring video.

If you are facing death or just wondering what happens after you die, there is a fairly extensive collection of near death experiences at a website: near-death.com .

The stories told there have similar elements as the one told in this video by Ben Breedlove.

Doesn’t it almost seem like this guy lived on Earth just so that his video, carrying his message of life after death would become popular and help people who are worried or fear what might happen after they die?

He was a remarkable man with a remarkable message. The near-death.com site is also filled with stories about people who have had ‘near death experiences’ like Ben’s.

I do believe that life will continue for most people after death. I also believe that their is a time after death when you will ‘review’ your life and you will feel happy or sad about the things that you did based on the pain or joy that you brought to others. That is really something to think about, isn’t it?

You might consider reading the book, Falun Gong or if you feel more ‘advanced’ Zhuan Falun by Li, Hongzhi

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