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Oral Irrigator Discount Website Launched

By Dave / August 7, 2007

Anyone who has read my book, What You Should Know about Gum Disease, knows how valuable I have found the Hydro Floss oral irrigator to be to my dental health.

Due to that end, and the wish to tell people how to get the best deal on the Hydro Floss that is available I have created a new site:


Not a lot of hype there, just some straight up information about how to get a really good deal, possibly the best, deal on the Hydro Floss oral irrigator.

The bottom line is that a lot of people are suffering from some form of gum disease, possibly as much as 80% of the adult population.

That being the estimate of the experts and professionals, we must conclude that something we are doing is not working. Regular brushing and flossing, though important, don’t appear to be enough to stop or prevent gum disease in most people.

Once upon a time, my gums were bleeding during visits to the dentist office. This went on for a long time and very little was said to me about it. This was a sign of gum disease.

Since they didn’t treat this as a big deal, I didn’t either.

Then one day they said they needed to do a root scaling and planing on me. I said NO. They said I needed to sign a waiver that if I lost my teeth it wouldn’t be their fault.

I still said no to their expensive, painful and possibly damaging to my gums treatment. I did my research instead.

As a result, I began to realize how bad my problem really was. I went from thinking there was no problem, JUST LIKE MOST PEOPLE do, to realizing that there was a bad problem.

Then I started looking for solutions. One of the earliest and most worthwhile items I found was the Hydro Floss. That is why I spend my time telling people about the hydrofloss.

Bottom line is that a lot of people suffer from gum disease, many don’t know. Some are marginally aware of it and others will be learning about it and becoming aware of their own gum disease every day.

It is important that people know about what works to fight gum disease. I wrote, What You Should Know about Gum Disease based on my personal experiences with gum disease and what I found that worked for me.

The Hydro Floss is only one of the tools that I mention in that book.

I do think that it is important for people to read the book and understand what gum disease is and how it might be stopped or prevented. There is no greater power than that of understanding and I believe the book helps you develop that.

Again, if what the majority of the public is currently aware to fight gum disease was working, 80% of adults would not suffer from gum disease, would they?

The new site is:



Warm Regards,


Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease

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* This post is for entertainment purposes only. If you have or think you might have gum disease or any other oral care problem, contact your periodontist for advice, diagnosis and treatment.

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