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Can You Get Rid Of Back Pain?

By david / January 4, 2012

Back pain is a rather broad topic.   And it can easily become quite confusing.

I want to start by telling you a story.

I was playing frisbee one night.   I stepped off a curb to catch the frisbee and felt something funny happen to my back when I did.

I was in a bit of pain so I sat down to sort it out.

I made the mistake of allowing someone who was on a Rugby team, who had experienced spinal manipulation before, wrench on my back.
TIP: never allow anyone who is not a licensed chiropractor or DO do that to you.

Of course, he thought he was helping.   But I should have known better.

The pain did not go away.

The next morning, I got out of bed and immediately fell on the floor.

My back had completely locked up in pain.  I was unable to stand up.  The muscles had shortened themselves to the point where I could not stand.

This is how the body will guard itself when it perceives danger.

After crawling on the floor for ten minutes, I was able to partially stand, but I was in a lot of pain.

I could not walk properly.  I made an appointment at an urgent care center.

How awful that this back problem happened to me!    I was worried that I might have permanent problems.

The pain was great and my inability to move was awfully ridiculous.  I was really worried that guy really hurt my back.  The worse case scenario would be a disk problem!

Now, here is the interesting part. If you suffer from back pain you might want to pay attention.

The Doctor at the urgent care center told me that this is typical.  He said the brain has a sort of reset button.  The muscles tightened down to make me immobile because the body was worried that there was real damage there.

He said that the the only way to ‘reset the brain’ so that it would allow the muscles to become longer and less contracted was through stretching.

He did not mean that things would get better after a few days of stretching.  This was going to take a lot of work and a lot of time.  This was essentially the problem though,  the body had to be coaxed into allowing the muscles to work  normally again.

Oh, he did give me painkillers and muscle relaxers.  But, the only long term fix was going to come through stretching.  He said that it would be hard and even painful.

He was right about that.

Do not underestimate the amount of stretching that was needed to rehab my back.

I think the key point of this story is that after a doctor says you are safe to start stretching your back, it is going to be a long process to get your back back…

If you avoid the work, your body’s muscles may not elongate on their own and you could end up with chronic pain.  This is something to think about.

Now, I have not tried this guy’s exercises out because I have developed my own stretching routing.  But what he says on his site sounds plausible.

Remember to be cleared by your doctor before taking up any exercise program.  Here is the site.   Interesting stuff…

Please keep in mind that what I said here was said in general terms.  For specific questions about your own unique health problems, you must consult your doctor for answers and advice.

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