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By david / January 2, 2012

Still Recovering From Bicycle Accident

I am still recovering from my bicycle accident on Friday.  I have had the feeling that I have been walking around within a dream for the last couple of days.

This is very likely the result of a concussion received while being thrown to the ground when the front wheel got caught in some local trolley (public transport) rails that are unfortunately a part of the road in the local city.
I thought I was safe from such accidents because I opted to use mountain bike size tires.  However, I did not realize that there are rails in this city that are even wider than the usual ones.

After examining the accident site, I have realized my mistake.

The hospital wanted to keep me for 2 days.

That seemed like a bit much.

Here is a picture of my face after the accident.  Be forewarned I look very haggard in this picture.  Click here to view

Uploaded Fireworks Video

This is a video of the Fireworks fun after midnight on New Years Day 2012.  In this video the citizens of Hochheim, Germany let loose with a collective display of fireworks that lasted for well over an hour.
Click here for the video

Cheese Fondue

Bianca made a fantastic Cheese fondue today.   We used a baguette from the local bakery that was enhanced with olive oil when it was made. Very tasty!

AktivOxigen Coupons

Today, I created a blog post for aktiv oxigen coupons.

These can help you to save money while stocking up or even if you are just trying this product out.

Fireworks Video

I uploaded a fireworks video.  This is a video of the New Year 2012 after midnight fireworks celebration in Hochheim, Germany.

You can see the video here


PS: The picture above is from a trip to venice a few years back and really has nothing to do with the activities listed on this page.  However, I thought it was cool and wanted to add it to this post.

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