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Reddit Users To Target Members of Congress?

By david / December 29, 2011

There was an interesting discussion on Reddit following the successful boycott of GoDaddy for sponsoring and cowriting SOPA.  In this situation, GoDaddy publicly reversed its support for SOPA.

SOPA is a bill that many believe is designed to censor the Internet and concentrate power and control to the few rather than the many.

The successful redditors suggested that they might be able to turn their attention to one member of Congress or the Senate at a time. Picking out his skeletons, exposing them and even donating to their competitor’s campaigns.

The idea is to focus on one and dig up all of the dirt on him.  This would be in response to supporting SOPA.  – Or anything else the Redditors find appalling.

The question comes up whether this could be a new element to democracy and politics.

Could it be that voices could have meaning collectively?

Is it possible that a group could have more influence on what happens in Washington without engaging in dirty lobbying or without being a big corporation with a lot of money that can essentially ‘buy’ or ‘influence’ (same thing?) votes from corruptible politicians?

It will be interesting to see if this type of activity can have a meaningful and ultimately more positive impact on how our system works.

Many are outraged over the whole derivatives scandal and how many of the people who voted for, had input into and were responsible for shaping deregulation are now in positions of power and are supporting the continuity of what is believed by many to be a (derivatives) racket.

Furthermore, people are outraged that none of the people perceived as ‘crooks’ both in corporations and in government are going to jail, let alone losing their power positions.

What do you think?  Could a group like the Redditors on the Internet form enough power to have an impact?

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