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Preexisting Condition Clauses To Become Illegal In 2014

By david / December 28, 2011

Starting in the year 2014, under current law at the time of this writing, preexisting clauses  will become illegal.

In other words, being denied coverage or denying payment for a condition you had before getting health insurance will become illegal.

That is a very good thing. 

If we are going to have a functional health care system, we absolutely need to do away with the abomination of preexisting condition clauses and benefit caps.

Insurance companies have gotten away with not doing their job for a long time.

They have basically stolen from the people who need quality health care treatment.

Horror stories abound about these insurance companies practices and the hardships they have brought to people.

Another great thing about 2014 is they will no longer be able to cap what they pay any one person.

In the past, these predatory companies would cut you off from any future payments if your ‘lifetime’ benefit exceeded a certain amount.

Some medical problems can require long term and expensive care.  These companies do not have the right to deny benefits on these grounds.

That’s why it is called insurance.  The insurance company’s job is to take on the risk.

The worst part of this dirty behavior is that many people have become financially unable to climb out of a mountain of debt because insurance companies have conveniently dropped their coverage.

I think that any insurance company that has done this should be dissolved and not allowed to do business ever again.  The owners of these businesses should be barred from ever creating another insurance business.

They have belied the public trust and should be punished.

How terrible that in their greed they have caused great and irreparable harm to a great number of people.

Disgusting, dirty and greedy behavior like this tears at the very fabric of society.  It creates instability.  All this for corporate greed.

The laws should have been changed a very long time ago.

Did you know that in Germany, they have had universal health care for well over 120 years?

Did you know that insurance companies there are not allowed to deny coverage for preexisting conditions?  They are certainly not allowed to cut off benefits because they have ‘paid too much’ either.

What the US insurance companies have gotten away with for such a very long time is very disgusting.

But the danger still exists because these insurance companies invest a lot in lobbying our lawmakers.  Let’s make sure they don’t get their way any longer.

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