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US Health Insurance Troubles – Retired Veterinarian Explains The Problem

By david / December 27, 2011

In this video Richard Holden who has his own youtube channel under RichardHoldenDVM explains the problem with the US health care and insurance system.

Here is the video:


Mr. Holden explains what others have said before but have been largely ignored to this point.

General practitioners have been bypassed in too many ways.  There needs to be someone overlooking your health care and it should NOT be the insurance company.

Even with doctors on staff they have too little information and history to make valid decisions with.

In addition, Mr. Holden addresses the question of why Insurance companies have been working hard to avoid paying.  This is one of the most outrageous parts of the US health care system today.  People who thought they were insured and even went so far as to have treatments pre approved by their insurance companies have found that the company will not pay when it comes right down to it.

When you are saddled with an impossible debt to pay, how do you pursue your version of the American Dream?

There have to be logical intelligence answers to these problems.  The people who have been entrusted to uphold the rights and privileges of the American people must get to work ASAP.

There is no excuse for the injustices of this broken health care system.

It is time that a system is created that is able to do what it ought to do: Help sick people get well without burdening them with rediculous bills because some insurance company has decided that it is not going to pay for that finger to be sewn back on or for that treatment that is necessary to restore quality of life.   Agree or disagree?  Leave your comments below.

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