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Missing Indiana Girl Found Dead – What A Tragedy…

By david / December 27, 2011

Date:  December 27th, 2011.

I feel so sad for the 9 year old girl and her family.

She was found dead last night.

The girl was reported to be partially blind and deaf.

Her two sisters, fortunately, were unharmed.

They were all staying at the same neighbor’s house.

To the women of the world:  Please watch your daughters and do not put them under the care of a male you are not 100% certain won’t harm your children.

There are too many men in the world who would take advantage of such trust.  Children and teenagers, particularly girls, need extra protection.

I am sure the mother thought her girls were safe.  This man was a family ‘friend’.

It is a known fact, that the majority of rapes and sexual abuse occur at the hands of someone the child already knows.

Please take care of your children until they are old enough to care for themselves.

It is still a very dangerous world out there.

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