How To Regrow Tooth Enamel…Not…

Currently, there is no ‘known’ way to regrow tooth enamel. Once the dentin underneath is exposed by a chip or break, there is no known way to make the tooth enamel grow back.

If there is a way, it has been kept as a secret because no one I have come across knows how to do it.

If you know of a way, leave a comment below.

It seems to me that in the long history of science, dentistry and medicine, that there should have been a solution to this problem by now.

Again, if there is one, it has been kept hidden.

It would be great to know if there was a simple substance we could easily apply to the teeth in an area where dentin is exposed that would cause the regrowth of enamel.

Dentists currently limit themselves to putting / molding some type of material over the area and either blending it to the color of the tooth if visible or leaving it alone if it is in a spot that is not visible when you smile.

It would be a great benefit to mankind if we knew the answer to this riddle and a way is found to stimulate the growth of the enamel.

Of course, this post was made in general and does not offer advice of any kind. If you have a question about your specific health or dental health situation be sure to ask your doctor for the answers to such questions.

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