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Thoughts On Scoliosis and Resulting Back Pain…

By david / November 29, 2011

[note: what is said here is said in general terms.  For specific questions about your unique situation, address those questions to your doctor]

When I was a young student in chiropractic school I was told by a teacher that there was absolutely nothing that could be done to straighten out my scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine).

Because I was a young, impressionable student, I accepted what he said as being factual. This was despite the fact that I had small nagging doubts as to the truth of his assertion.

Recently, I heard from a friend who is a physician.  She happened to mention the fact that she personally witnessed the disappearance of a scoliosis.

To be fair, there can be a transitory or temporary scoliosis, which is different from one that you ‘grew up’ with.   However, this particular story had me revisiting ideas about scoliosis and back pain.

I have heard of other cases where people were able to reduce the severity of their scoliosis.

Yet, the prevailing notion is that scoliosis problems cannot typically be fixed.

Here is what I think at this point:

1. The body’s distortion has a lot to do with muscles, ligaments, tendons and myofascial tension.  Myofascia is a tight band of tissue that sort of holds our form.  When there are problems with or within this tissue, the pain can be quite severe.

2. The above mentioned are all factors that have an intricate interplay between them.

3. Working through these issues involves a tremendous amount of stretching and disruption of myofascial adhesions (problems).

4. Most people would underestimate the pain involved in working through these issues.  Even if they tried, they would think something is very wrong and that alone would be enough to stop them.  (In fact, you shouldn’t attempt anything until your personal physician eliminates any other serious possibilities).

5. Fixing a scoliosis problem will involve a great deal of personal effort.  Therefore, it cannot be fixed from the ‘outside’.    This is where I think the prevailing philosophy of ‘it can’t be fixed’ comes from.

This would also explain why this concept persists.  If it can’t be fixed by a professional, they may never consider the possibility that you could do something about it on your own.

Therefore, I believe that it is through personal effort, and a great deal of such, that progress might be forthcoming.   Read more on back pain  

Again, this is said in general terms.  For questions about your unique situation, see your doctor.  There are possibly more serious problems associated with any back pain, therefore, you need those ruled out by your personal physician.   This is said to keep everyone safe!

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