Alochol Breath – Not Pleasant

Isn‘t it just slightly ironic when people use an alcohol based mouthwash to cover up bad breath?

I will tell you this story:

This happened many years ago, but I still remember it.  A good whiff of bad breath is hard to forget, isn’t it?  You probably remember a few situations yourself.

I had a relative who did not have any detectable bad breath at all.  But, he went into the bathroom and when he came out I could smell alcohol breath from across the room.

The odor was quite strong.  Ironically, he didn’t have bad breath when he went into the bathroom, but he sure did when he came out.

I guess the moral of the story is to be careful about what you use to cover up alleged bad breath.

Did you know that alcohol can also dry the mucous membranes of the mouth.  Furthermore, when those membranes are dry, the bacteria actually multiply more quickly because they are not inhibited by the natural saliva of the mouth as much.

I won’t mention any brands by name, but I guess you could imagine one or two without even thinking too hard about it.

Better to use something that actually isn’t there to mask one odor with another (hopefully an improvement) odor.  Use something that actually has the ability to inhibit the reproductive speed of the bacteria in your mouth and works towards addressing the core of the problem.

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