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Question: hey dave im 14 im 55 kilos i want to be 53. im not fat or overweight but i got a lot of fat around my waste.

the doctor says its baby fat and il loose it when i grow but i dont want to wait.

I’m doing this thing of eating hardly any carbs and running for 45 min a day + my regular training but when i cut my carbs and i just eat fish meats and cheese i get constipated what should i do?

Answer: I agree with your doctor, you don’t need to worry about this right now. Enjoy life, have fun. Make the most of your high school years. Forget about the weight thing.

I’ve always found that when I eat a lot of meat, fish and cheese that I have to add a lot of salad and leafy green vegetables to make sure that I don’t get constipated.

If I were in your shoes, I would eat a normal diet and completely forget about the weight thing for now. Follow the advice of your doctor.

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