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Protect Your Teeth During Halloween 2011 – Quick Trick…

By david / October 31, 2011

Here is one quick trick you can use to help protect your teeth this Halloween

Remember to eat hard cheese!

Studies as a medical university in Israel during the 1990’s showed that eating hard cheese could help to harden the dental enamel.

If you make the enamel stronger it might help you to avoid cavities during this candy eating season.

Of course, this is only one small measure and it may not be enough to prevent cavities in any given case.   But, if it can help, then why not!

So before and after you pig out on that candy,  chew on some hard cheese.

Soft or string cheese does not appear to work.  It needs to be a hard cheese.  Cheddar is a good choice.

In the study, they used a cola to weaken the enamel of subject’s teeth and verified this with a scanning electron microscope.

Then they had the subjects eat hard cheese and they used the electron scope to examine the results.  They found that the cheese did indeed strengthen the enamel!

Of course, you should definitely brush and floss after eating treats as well.

It’s fine to enjoy the season, but remember to protect your teeth.  Those cavities cost a lot and leave a permanent hole in your tooth!

This was stated in general terms.  There is no guarantee that you won’t develop cavities.  And you should consult your dentist for specific questions about your own unique dental health situation.

Have fun!





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