Hydro Floss Dimensions

hydro-floss-oral-irrigator The dimensions of the hydrofloss are approximately:    7 1/2  in  X   5 1/2 inches  X 4 inches

That is about 7.5 inches long,  5.5 inches high  and 4 inches wide.

It is actually compact enough to fit in most bathroom set ups.

Of course, the height measurement is to the lid only.   If you leave the handle and tip attached the way it is in the picture,  you will have greater height requirements.

I generally lay the handle on top of the lid, this adds less than an inch to the height.   I also like to leave the lid slightly ajar so that any residual water left over will have an opportunity to escape into the air,   leaving the unit dry for the next use.

The HydroFloss also comes with 4 color coded jet tips.    This is enough so that each member of a family of four can have their own tips.    Extra tips are available if needed.   It is also recommended to change a tip after about 90 days of use.

There are also specialty tips available, such as the pocket pal rubber jet tipssulcus jet tips and cannula tips.   These tips are designed to be used only when the person has deeper periodontal pocketing.

For many people the regular jet tips are all that is needed.  If you need assistance you can call 1-888-586-6849.

The Hydro Floss can be found at ToothyGrinsStore.com

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