Dentist Discusses The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

ToothyGrinsStore.comI ran across an interesting website by a dentist in Wisconsin. Of course, I was already aware that many dentists know about the HydroFloss and recommend it to their patients.

However, I was intrigued to read what Dr. Krasowski had to say about the device.

Here is an excerpt from his article:

“The answer is oral irrigation with the HydroFloss Oral Irrigation System.

Daily oral irrigation with the HydroFloss can:

  1. Remove trapped food particles below the gum line
  2. Blast away plaque that causes tooth decay
  3. Remove germs and bacteria from places unreachable with a toothbrush or floss
  4. Massage the gums for better circulation
  5. Fight gingivitis and periodontal disease that can lead to heart disease
  6. Freshen breath by killing bacteria
  7. Brighten and whiten your smile

Considered by many dental professionals, including Dr. John Krasowski, to be the best oral irrigator currently available, the patented HydroFloss Oral Irrigator is…”  Link to full article.

Based on the pictures on his site, it looks like Dr. John Krasowski does good work on top of being a smart dentist who actually cares about his patients and preventing dental health problems.  He is not just interested in fixing them.

Whenever you find a doctor interested in prevention – hold on to him / her.   An interest in prevention is a very good sign in today’s world.

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*note, this post speaks in general.  For specific questions about your unique dental health situation,  ask your doctor for answers.

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