Finding A Good Dentist

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When it comes to finding a dentist I am very particular.  In fact, I simply do not feel comfortable with many dentists.

Here is a quick story to illustrate why:

I needed a filling replaced.  The first dentist I went to said he thought I was going to need a crown. But he wouldn’t know for sure until he was working on the tooth.  [ Sorry, but that was total BS in to me] How lucky that he had a new crown making machine right there in the office!

Fortunately for me, I was very skeptical.  I went to another dentist.  Guess what,  he was able to replace the filling.  He said that there would be no reason to crown that tooth.   So, I saved myself money, aggravation and perhaps the cost of future maintenance on a crown.    This is a true story that happened to me.   I have no doubt that similar things have happened to countless  victims     patients throughout history.

Finding a Good Dentist

You definitely want to find a dentist who puts your dental well-being first and will not take advantage of your ignorance to bilk your wallet for treatments that other dentists may not agree were needed.

Obviously, it is impossible for me to know the dentists in your area. Therefore, I simply cannot endorse a particular one that is local to you. However:  Here are a couple of things that I suggest you do to help you find the right dentist.

1.  Find a dental practitioner that is interested in taking the time to answer your questions. This is a sign.

You should have plenty of questions to ask.  What you are looking for is HOW the dentist answers these questions.

Do they take their time and patiently answer every question  you have?    Or, do they seem impatient, like time is running away and they need to get on to the next person?

This is very important, your dentist should be focused on YOU and not their business.  If they are focused on volume and not quality, think twice about using that dentist.  You could be setting yourself up for unwanted charges and expenses otherwise.

It may be time consuming and even expensive to test out different dentists, but this initial investment could pay off down the road.  Avoiding unnecessary and expensive treatments is THE Most important thing for you as a patient.

If your potential new dentist is NOT interested in PREVENTION – walk, no run away immediately.

You are looking for a dentist who wants the best for YOU not for HIMSELF.

There are numerous examples of dentists who take a ‘grey’ area and make a cavity out of it, or a crown or a root canal — you want to avoid any dentist like this.

2. Avoid any dental office when the initial examination makes you feel like you have walked into a car dealership.   When the office manager needs to sit down and explain things to you and those things come with a huge price tag – consider finding another dentist and see if they have a better way to care for their patients!

This brings up another point  – Anytime a dentist comes up with an expensive treatment plan that you have even the slightest reservation about, you SHOULD DEFINITELY seek a second and third opinion from dentists that do not know the first dentist at all!

NEVER tell the new dentist about the opinion of the first one.  Let them do their own independent evaluation without that influence.  They should make their own diagnosis and treatment plan for you.

What you WILL MOST LIKELY find is that diagnosis and treatment plans VARY widely from one dentist to the next.

Unfortunately, there are a LOT Of GREY AREAS in dentistry and some dentists will take advantage of that.

BEFORE getting any expensive work done, BE SURE to get a second and third opinion.

Finding a Good Local Dentist

It would be unlikely that I personally know the dentists in your local area, therefore I cannot vouch for any dentist individually.   This is why I provided the above guidelines for evaluating a dentist.  Please consider what I wrote, and  maybe you can save some time and effort and get it right on the first try.

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