Dental Care Neglected In Financially Hard Times?

dental health in trying financial timesI read a recent article at  about a survey that indicates people are cutting back on their dental health care during these financially frustrating times.

I would never advocate giving up your recommended checkups and cleanings because they are important.   I thin you should go no matter what.

However, if you have made the decision to cut back then it would be in your best interest to tighten up your home care measures.  I mean drastically improve them.

While this  publication is specifically geared towards gum disease, the same principles can help in other areas of maintaing dental health as well.  Of course, specific questions should go to your doctor.

Here is a link to : How To Stop Gum Disease in 4 Easy Steps

So, what was this survey on dental health about?   This does not appear to be scientific at all, but it has stated that it was conducted by “Oral Health America” – an organization that I really know nothing about.

What the article at the dentistryiq site says is:

CHICAGO, Illlinois–A recent public opinion survey commissioned by Oral Health America found that in the past year, more than one-third (35%) of those who regularly visit the dentist have cut back.

 Though this finding tracks with the fears and realities of the current U.S. economy, routine dental visits play a vital role in preventing oral and systemic disease and keeping future health-care costs down. ”    link

They do not seem to mention ‘how much’ people have cut back.   I am not certain that the survey method they utilized has produced statistically accurate results either.

Yet, it does seem possible that people may cut back on their dental care services in a time when the economy is struggling.

In dental matters, PREVENTION is key to helping us to avoid expensive treatments and dental health issues.

This is true regardless of the economic situation of a nation or an individual.  Without solid prevention measures, expensive bills may not be avoidable.

I remember reading that one doctor said, “Many people are headed for gum surgery and they don’t even know it.”

We can recall the surgeon general’s warning many years back about gum disease being a ‘silent epidemic’   Not much has changed since then.

Prevention is important and has to be conducted by an individual on a daily basis.   Unfortunately, no matter how we may wish otherwise,  going to get our teeth cleaned twice per year will never be sufficient if we are not focused on what we do at home on a daily basis – with the possible very rare exception.

The take home message is about adequate home care.  This often needs to go beyond regular brushing and flossing.  In fact, you might consider that if brushing and flossing were really enough for preventing dental health problems, then why do so many people need expensive treatments?   Feel free to comment below:

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