HCV and Pregnancy

By Dave / July 10, 2007


Dear Dave,

My wife is pregnant 4th month starts.
When she cheked by doctor ultra sound and blood tests.
Dr. said that she has HCV. very light.

Dr. give us a used strip for checking anti HCV

Dr. said that there are two bars of blood on this checking strip.
One is dark and one is very very light, that is seen only on concentration in lighted area.

Dr. said you have a very mild/light attack. but due to pregnancy, you have to wait. and after pregnancy get checked thoroughly for HCV and get treated.

My wife is feeling fatigue with small work. Her hemoglobin level is 10 while normal starts from 12

1) Please give your opinion

2) can she get checked thoroughly before pregnancy

3) can she use some medicine

4) can she avoid some food and use what food

waiting for a quick response thanks in anticipation


Answer: HCV = Hepatitis C. This is generally not considered a major problem with pregnancy unless the the HCV is in the acute stage.

The acute stage can cause some risks.

The chronic stage is generally not considered to be a problem during pregnancy.

Ask your doctor for more information on which stage she is in or how much of a problem you are facing.

Currently, you do not wish to treat a person with HCV during pregnancy, the treatment could cause birth defects.

The doctor is correct to wait until after pregnancy.

No HCV medicine should be taken during the pregnancy.

It is possible that the baby will also have HCV. If the mothers blood level of HCV is very small, the risk of transmission is also small.

You wife should avoid alcohol and any medication that is toxic to the liver such as acetaminophen a.k.a Tylenol

There should be no need to change the diet due to HCV but check with your doctor to be sure. Since your wife is pregnant, I hope she is eating quality food and a healthy diet.

There is nothing to be overly concerned about here unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

You should also be checked for HCV. There is a low possibility that you have also contracted HCV.

I don’t provide advice, only some information. You need to follow the advice of your doctor on this matter or any other health related matters. Of course, if you don’t like the advice of your doctor you can always visit another qualified doctor for a second opinion. Be sure to pick a doctor that has no professional ties with the first doctor if that is your decision.

Best of luck with the new addition to your family!

Warm regards,


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