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My Mother is Sick – What Can I Do?

By Dave / July 5, 2007

Question: David, the information you have sent me has helped a lot. Thank you.

Hope you don’t think we are one sick bunch! But I need to find out about my mom again. She has been a smoker for 20 years now and every winter she gets very ill with her chest. She has gone down from three packs of 20 to 1 pack this last month.

Since December, she has never really been well. She has bought stuff from the chemist. And in the last three months she has been
on antibiotics and Pulmison weekly and is just not getting any better. Her
chest is very congested and she coughs a lot.

As she works with clients all the time she has become very quiet, keeping a distance from everyone. She only drinks Liqui fruit the red grape and drinks vitamin c, e, a, d every day. She has had 3 anesthetics for the surgery to her hand in the past eight months. S

She has lost a lot of weight and has constant nausea. She has a lot
of problems and am sure she has an ulcer, but the treatments that they have given her has not helped much.

Her hair is thinning and falling out, no matter what products she uses which are rather expensive, it just keeps on breaking and looks dead. My brother has taken her to a sandton hair dresser which was very expensive as he knows that what she looks like influences the person she is.

But the products haven’t help. I am just scared she tries to
take her life again and don’t know how to handle it. I just want her to be
her healthy self again, laughing and enjoying life!

Thank you for everything! – Juri


Answer: Hi Juri,

Thank you for writing in. It sounds like the situation is severe and your mother should continue working with her physicians.

If you are concerned about what the doctors are doing or are not doing, then you have a right to seek a separate opinion from another doctor with no professional ties to the original doctors.


First, let’s talk about the smoking. Though you may believe that it is good to cut back from 60 cigarettes (three packs) to just 20 cigarettes (1 pack) and that is certainly a step in the right direction, it is probably not enough.

Here is a recent post that talks about a study that showed how cutting back smoking does not provide much benefit.


It appears that only quitting smoking completely will confer a significant health benefit.


You mentioned that your mother only drinks Liqui fruit, red grape and drinks vitamin c, e, a, d every day.

If she is only drinking and not eating a balanced diet that includes all of the food groups, that is going to create more problems. To build her immune system up your mother needs a reasonable supply of protein as well.

Are you cooking decent meals for her to eat? She must eat and eat well. The body needs good wholesome food to help support all of its functions and that is especially true when the body is sick.


Never underestimate the power of love and its relation to health. Are you and your brother showing how much you care for your mom, aside from taking her to get her hair cut, etc. are you talking to your mom and spending your personal time with her? Have you been cooking for her?

Does she feel that she is loved. Because if she feels loved, it may help her to improve more quickly.

The other side of this is that your mother needs to express her own love as well. Dr. Bernie Siegel was a famous cancer surgeon who discovered that when his patients became more loving towards others, their cancers often went into remission -without the need for surgery after all.

The name of one of his books is, “Love, Medicine and Miracles“.

You mentioned that your mother tried to take her life, this could very well be a response to not feeling loved and having a reason to live. It also probably means that she could use some professional counseling to help her get through this difficult time.

Nausea and drug side effects

I have no idea what kind of medications your mother is on, but it is possible that her nausea and even hair loss are side effects of these medications. You should ask the pharmacist for a list of side effects that come with the medications she is taking. If you find nausea and / or hair loss among them, you may want to go back to your doctor and see if there is something else he can prescribe instead.

These are the three areas that came to mind when I read your note. Thank you very much for writing in. Tell me how things go!

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* please note, this post is for information purposes only. If you have or think you might have a health problem, contact your doctor immediately for diagnosis and treatment.

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