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Is Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Really Worth Buying?

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If you are interested in losing weight and becoming more firm and tone the answer is yes. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is worth every last penny.

I’ve looked at other information out there and in my opinion, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is complete and thorough. I believe it covers just about everything you need to know to lose weight (burn fat) and become more tone and firm at the same time.




Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle [AFF] –covers a lot of information but to give you some highlights, it discusses:


1. The Role of Essential Fats in Weight Loss – Yes, these fats can actually be helpful for weight loss. You can obtain them in Flax Oil, Fish Oil and even Eudo Erasmus’ oil blends.



2. The Importance of Water Intake – Most people are chronically dehydrated. Water is important for every body tissue and function. When you drink more water, your body functions better and weight loss is no exception.



3. What type of Body do You Have and What Works Best for Your Body Type. Most everyone has heard of the three body types: 1. Ectomorphs, 2. Mesomophs and 3. Endomorphs. Aside for the shape and size they are descriptors for, how can you maximize your weight loss efforts for each body type. Find the answers in Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle



4. What Kinds of Foods to Eat, What Kinds to Avoid. Everyone has heard of carbohydrates. You can’t live without them, but how much, what kind and how often you eat them are key components to weight loss. Actually, understanding how, why and when is important.

When you have this basic understanding, you’ll be able to cheat intelligently, instead of haphazardly. Losing weight isn’t as hard as you think, but having the right knowledge and understanding is the key to wrapping your arms around how to do it and keep it done.


5. The Importance of Exercise and What is the Right Kind of Exercise. Look, you HAVE to exercise, but what kind and how much is appropriate?

You have to do both cardio and weight training or weight bearing exercises and not at the same time. Cardio is necessary for fat burning purposes and weight bearing exercises are necessary to help you maintain muscle mass during your weight loss period.

Losing muscle mass will actually undermine you efforts to lose weight. Resting muscle burns more calories than resting fat. So, you need both types of exercise.



6. Motivation – how to set goals and obtain them. Ah, yes. Look, no one can be 100% on 100% of the time. You are going to cheat. Therefore, cheating intelligently becomes the key. Understanding and knowledge is the only way you will be able to cheat intelligently.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Will help you too develop the understanding and knowledge that you can then use to maximize your weight loss efforts instead of sabotaging them.

7. No supplements, diet shakes or any other food substitutes are needed or necessary. Ok, with the possible exception of Whey protein, do you really need any supplements. The answer is no. This is especially true if you are not trying to play any competitive sports

slim and trim


8. Percent Body Fat tests and their pros and cons.

9. How often you should eat. Yes, eating more frequently is actually good for losing weight. Yet, it does depend on eating smart as well.

10. The importance of Protein – Amino acids are the building blocks of all body tissues. Getting an adequate supply of protein is necessary . How much is enough?

11. How important is that Glycemic Index really?

12. Fine tuning your results using your own self correcting feedback mechanisms. The key to peak performance is making fine adjustments when needed. You need some type of feedback mechanism to help guide you. Learn how to read your built-in feedback mechanisms


The next important thing about this book is that the author walks the talk. He didn’t just read a bunch of books and then write his own. He used his own body as a laboratory and found out what works and what doesn’t. About 15 years of real life experience are behind this book.

If there is one book on fat loss / weight loss that you should get, it is this one. I’ve written more about it here.


If you are interested in losing weight and cutting through all the umm…. how should I say it? I think you know what I mean.

Get the book . [AFF] If you want to lose weight, get this book. It shows you how to do it and keep it done.

PS. It is not about body building, though you can use it for that too. If you just want to lose weight/ burn off fat, this is the book you need – either way.


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