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Herbal Remedies Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale

By Dave / July 2, 2007

Currently, you can head on over to http://GoodHerbalRemedies.com to find amazing remedies on special. You can currently (at the time of this writing) purchase 2 bottles of the remedy of your choice and get a third bottle free!

If you are a deal seeker this is a good one.

Let’s just pull one Remedy out as an example.

Lots of people suffer from allergies. My mother is among them. She is currently getting injections to stimulate an immune response to hopefully develop some resistance to the allergens that wreck her ability to enjoy life.

But, a person may not have to resort to injections to build an immunity to allergens.

One of the remedies at the http://GoodHerbalRemedies.com site is called AllergiClear.

Here are some of the ingredients that this remedy contains:

Euphrasia officinalis – (Eyebright) has been used to reduce eye inflammations since the Middle Ages. It is thought to be very helpful when taken internally to reduce painful, itchy and watery eyes caused by allergies and even colds. It may help with improving the overall health of the eyes as well.

Arsen Alb. C15 – This is a remedy (homeopathic) for a several states, including stinging and inflamed eyes as well as hayfever and sneazing. May also help to improve headaches, restlessness and possibly eczema.

Nat. Mur. D6 – A tissue salt ( biochemic) that may have a strong effect in slowing a runny nose, hayfever and some conditions linked to water and irritated membranes. May reduce anger an irritablity and provide feelings of well being.

Kali Mur. D6 – another tissue salt with an anti-inflammatory and very soothing decongestant effect. May prove beneficial in enhancing liver functioning, may also strengthen blood and nerve tissue.

All of these are contained in the AllergyClear formula at http://GoodHerbalRemedies.com

* Please note. The FDA has not evaluated any of the statements about any of the items listed on this page. If you have or think you might have a health condition, you should visit your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. This page is for information purposes only.

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