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Free Dental Care In Woodstock, Georgia

Free dental careOn August 12th and 13th, 2011  in Woodstock, Georgia there will free dental care for low and no income Georgians.    This is the second time I have written about good hearted dentists providing no cost care for patients that can really use it.   I think this is a good thing.

Considering the disproportionate income levels, it seems only fair that dentists donate some of their time for those who are forced to go without dental care due to lack of funds or insurance.  In the US, the insurance and health care system has some flaws.  I do not think anyone would deny  or argue with that statement.   This is a great way for dentist to help compensate for these inequities.

Therefore, I have to congratulate the dentists and clinic involved in helping these patients over the next two days!  Bravo!

This is from the Woodstock-TownLakePatch. by Jeannie Caryn

Do you need dental care but can’t find the means to afford it? In today’s down economy, this predicament is more common than ever.

This Friday and Saturday, the Georgia Dental Association delivers help to those in need at the First Baptist Church of Woodstock on by hosting the Georgia Mission of Mercy.

GMOM is a 100-chair dental clinic providing free dental care to adults who are suffering from oral problems but can’t afford to pay for treatment

The one point that would make all of this better is if this type of thing was being done more frequently.  Fortunately,  due to the economic status in the country today, it does seem like more doctors are stepping up to help out.  This can only be viewed in a good way.   I hope this trend continues! 



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