What is Health?

By Dave / June 29, 2007

What is health? Could we say that health is the absence of illness?

Sounds simple on the surface, right? But actually, there is a bit of deeper meaning in that.

The body naturally strives for a healthy state and it is health that is most natural for us.

However, various factors interfere to cause dis-ease.

It’s tempting to say that technology and knowledge will eventually allow us to overcome all disease.

More likely, there will be a lot of things that we will overcome. However, human life is not meant to last forever.

Even if we extend the life of our physical bodies for several hundred years, it is still a brief second in the cosmic time scale.

I remember my physiology teacher, Dr. Moltz. He said that the human body was designed to live for several hundred years, but they haven’t figured out why it doesn’t yet.

Dr. Moltz, if you ever read this, you were one of my favorite teachers! Thanks.

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