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Home Teeth Whitening Rights Now Threatened In The United States As Well As Europe

By david / August 9, 2011

Yesterday, I wrote about home teeth whitening rights being threatened in Europe

Today, I will comment on the same thing happening in the United States.  In fact, I was not even aware of the US conflicts over this matter when I wrote yesterday’s post on Europe.

The Question becomes one of balance.  Do dental boards have the right to proclaim that teeth whitening is ‘practicing dentistry without a license’  all of the sudden, when they have not objected in years past?

What is the purpose of this action?   Is it that they suddenly started to be more concerend about the public’s well being than previously?   Or, is there another reason?    And what would that other reason be?

Over at TheWealthyDentist.com, run by Jim Du Molin, a guest blogger named Catherine Hughes writes:

“The North Carolina State Dental Board argues that they never tried to stifle competition and were only trying to protect the public from non-licensed dental treatments.

The battle between dentists and teeth-whitening providers is being fought in other states as well. Recently the Connecticut State Dental Commission ruled that tooth whitening is dentistry and can no longer be performed without a dentist present, while another judge ruled against the New Jersey Dental Association in their legal battle against a chain of tanning salons offering tooth-whitening services.”  —  Excerpt from:   TheWealthyDentist.com


It looks like the battle between the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and State dental boards is on.   If I were cynical, I might suggest that the manufacturers of tooth whitening products have been able to pony up more ‘influence’ then some other organizations.  But, since I am not cynical – I won’t say that.

I guess I am appalled but all of this fuss.   But why should I be?  Have we not seen similar conflicts between businesses and those who represent them throughout history?

I have written about the dangers of teeth whitening before.  I am fairly convinced that the dangers are not greatly minimized by having a ‘professional’ treatment with potentially stronger chemicals in a dentist’s office.  As a corollary,  I am not convinced that  doing so poses any less of a threat than over-the-counter treatments with potentially LESS powerful chemicals.

The death of a tooth can be caused by teeth whitening treatments and that would truly be a shame for any patient or consumer  who experiences it.

The home teeth whitening industry has existed for a long time without these challenges.  Therefore, I am curious as to why the ‘public interest’ card is being played now.  Any thoughts?  Please comment below.

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