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Reduction in Smoking Does not Help Your Health

quit smokingDid you know that you can gain a lot of insight from reading studies that show up in health related journals?

Take this one as an example:

A study entitled ” Health consequences of reduced daily cigarette consumption” first reported in February 2006 indicates that cutting back on smoking does not reduce your risk of facing health problems.

This study was conducted by: The Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway and the National Health Screening Service, Oslo, Norway.

Smoking is definitely addictive and definitely deadly. There are, of course, documented benefits to quitting smoking.

Unfortunately, if the above study reflects reality, there is no benefit to cutting back on smoking, only quitting.

It is sad to think that so many people smoke.

Smoking blackens the lungs. I have seen this myself in gross anatomy class. It is one of the freakiest things you would want to see. The cadaver we worked on had lungs that were the same color of black from the outside all the way to the center.

It is easy to imagine that the ability of those lungs to function had to have been severely impaired.

It is amazing to me how many people still smoke today, despite the all the data and facts about smoking.

Plus, the cost of smoking is pretty high, usually running several dollars per day. Imagine investing that money instead!

Have you ever felt that it was time to quit smoking? As they say, “there is no time like the present”.

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