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Free Dental Care For A Day In Amherst NY

Free Dental Care in Amherst today

Free Dental Care For Those Without Insurance Today

I want to take the time to salute the three dentists in Amherst NY who donated their own time and expertise today to care for patients at no charge! These were patients who did not have insurance.

Given the expense of dental treatments, you can imagine how the recipients of this care felt.  Grateful, no doubt!

The doctors’ names are:

Dr. Jim Lesinski

Dr. Douglas Saturnino

Dr. Glen Donnarumma

They performed dental cleanings, placed fillings and extracted teeth today.

These doctors are worthy of praise for donating their time in this way. I cannot think of a better way to reach out to the community for these outstanding doctors.

The NEWS of this event was Posted in The Buffalo News, where I found it:


“Dr. Jim Lesinski, along with his friends Drs. Douglas Saturnino and Glen Donnarumma, saw 76 patients at Lesinski’s office on Sweet Home Road in Amherst. Patients received cleanings, fillings and, if needed, tooth extractions.

“Given everything going on with the economy right now, it’s important that we do this to let people know there are still good things happening out there,” said Lesinski.

The event was arranged by Dentistry From the Heart, a national nonprofit organization that organizes free dental care for those who can’t afford costly procedures. The nonprofit says it has helped more than 50,000 patients by providing more than $1 million worth of free care since its founding in 2001.”

News Story Link

I think the doctor is correct when he said that it is important for people to see that there are still good things going on in the world during these hard economic times.  This is exactly what it will take for us to get through this time, people coming together to help each other make good things happen.

It is a sad commentary that we are in these times, but here we are.  Let’s help each other and start to make things better.

Dentistry is a very needed service.  When there are toothaches something has to be done.  The pain can become excruciating.

Those who focus on prevention have the ability to reduce their dental health bills on expensive treatments by keeping their teeth, and even more importantly, their gums, healthy.

However, when that is not possible or was not accomplished, it is great to know that there are still doctors out there who are willing to help people who are without insurance.  To get this type of treatment was a real blessing to these people.

I cannot say enough good things about these doctors and the organization that supported them, Dentistry From The Heart.

If you would like to add your own thoughts or know of other good deeds like this one,  please comment below.  Also, please comment if you can supply information about any place that people can get this kind of help when they do not have insurance to cover it.

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