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What Kind of ToothPaste Do I Use?


toothpasteHere is the toothpaste that I am currently using: Toothpaste

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Why? I use it because it is one of the very few on the market that contains pyrophosphates.

Pyrophosphates? Yes, it has been suggested that pyrophosphates are useful in killing the bacteria that cause gum disease as well as those that cause bad breath.

In addition, this toothpaste contains the patented PeriO2 formula. This formula helps to deliver oxygen around the areas that are brushed.

This oxygen is very useful because the anaerobic bacteria – that is bacteria that don’t do very well in the presence of oxygen are the kind that cause gum disease and bad breath.

In addition, the toothpaste contains zinc. The zinc may inhibit the formation of plaque. And it is plaque that needs to be in place for the anaerobic bacteria to begin proliferating on an elevated scale.

So avoiding plaque formation is a plus.

In addition, the toothpaste contains Aloe which may be soothing to gums.

Tip: Brush gently, brushing hard can lead to gum recession. Too much gum recession may necessitate the need for gum surgery.

The toothpaste also contains Essential Oil of Peppermint which may also provide anti-bacterial effects.

Finally, the toothpaste also contains hydrated silica which is gentler on your tooth enamel, than the more abrasive substances that come in other toothpastes.

There is one thing that some may see as a drawback, the toothpaste I use contains fluoride. In my opinion, fluoride is useful because it hardens the tooth enamel and protects us against cavities.

In today’s world, where we eat a lot of refined sugars and drink a lot of enamel damaging colas, we need all the advantages we can get to protect the health of our tooth enamel and our gums.

This is why I use this toothpaste.

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*If you have or think you might have gum disease contact your periodontist or other oral care professional for advice, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The FDA has not evaluated any of the statements on this site about any products mentioned.

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