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Weight Loss: Is There an Easy Diet or Motivation for Weight Loss?

By Dave / June 19, 2007

walking is goodQuestion: I am a teenage girl who has no social life… I am home schooled and we just moved here about a year ago. I don’t get out of the house hardly ever. I’m not way over weight but I do need to lose some fat.

I just cant seem to eat healthy for more than a week, I do great and work out and then once it hits that one week I just stop!

I guess if just was wondering if there was an “easy” diet that if could be doing or motivation to keep me going… I am just ready to get on top of this.

Answer: Hi. Thank you for your question.

Be sure to check with your doctor before changing your diet or level of physical activity.

First of all, your experience is completely normal. No one has an iron will that can go on forever and ever when it comes to weight loss.

That is why I advocate taking one day a week to go ‘off’ a diet. On that day, you could give yourself permission to eat things that you would not normally eat.

This is a kind of psychological trick. You can use that one day as the day you look forward to as a reward. If you know that you have a ‘reward’ day coming up soon, it will be easier to stick to your diet the rest of the week. This should help to make dieting easier.

There is one book in particular on weight loss that I recommend everyone read:


You must exercise to lose weight in addition to whatever diet you may be using. Hopefully, you are not starving yourself. If you are, then stop that right now. Instead, add some exercise and eat a sensible diet.

As far as exercise goes, I advocate walking. It is gentle and easy and you can take a friend with you or talk on the phone while you are doing it.

My suggestion is to walk 45 minutes to 1 hour about 5 or 6 days a week. It is important to drink plenty of water and don’t eat (or drink) any carbs before or during your walk. Save carbs for after your walk to replenish your body.

While losing weight it is also important to do something to make your muscles stronger as well. Lifting weights or using Russian kettlebells for women is a good idea. A short workout for 20 minutes, three times a week should do the trick.

The reason why this is important is that when you lose weight, you will lose muscle mass. You don’t want to lose muscle mass, only fat.

Therefore, you have to do something to keep your muscles tone and fit during weight loss. This is very important. You don’t want to get skinny without any muscle tone, it won’t look very attractive.

If you have any follow up questions, feel free to ask.

Be sure to check with your doctor before changing your diet or level / type of physical activity.

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