PerioTherapy Starter Kit

By david / July 11, 2011

The very cool  PerioTherapy Starter Kit is now available  at ToothyGrins  This kit is designed to help with periodontal disease issues.  While my primary suggestion would be the hydrofloss because of my personal experience with it and the experiences of others as well, this kit makes a nice adjunct to your home care.

The mouthwash is both oxygenated and pH balanced.  These are both good in the fight against the anaerobic bacteria that cause most of our dental health issues.  Of course, this is being said in general, for specific questions, ask your dentist or or doctor.

This kit also comes with two sets of trays that are used to put the periotherapy toothpaste in so that they can remain in contact with your gums. The toothpaste also contains an oxygenated compound as well as zinc, pyrophosphates (to fight tartar and plaque), zinc (which is helpful to your gum tissue).

This oxygenated compound is also used to combat bad breath. So you have here a kit that can help with those perio issues as well as help to stop bad breath.  This kit comes with detailed instructions that will help you to understand your dental health in a brand new way.

The trays are moldable.  The way it works is that you put them in hot water just long enough to become a bit more malleable, and then you cool them enough to mold them around your teeth.  When you are down, you will have a nice custom made tray that you can use for the toothpaste to come in contact with your gum tissue.

I cannot stress enough that the Hydro Floss is really an important part of my daily regimen.  It has helped me to reduce my periodontal pocket depths to normal levels and it has also helped a lot of other people too.  I know because I have the privilege to talk to many of them on a regular basis.

If you purchase this kit from, you will receive an email receipt and in it will be links to two down loadable books.  One is 244 pages and is entitled: What You Should Know about Gum Disease.  The other is much shorter (only about 30 pages) and is entitled:  How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps.  Both of these books are also available on the kindle platform and if you happen to have the Amazon app, you should be able to get it on your Ipad or other Apple device as well!

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