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Benefits to Avoiding Refined Sugars?

insulin Though not new information, avoiding a lot of refined sugars and the benefits of doing so should be something that we revisit from time to time.

I was recently reading about the dangers of eating a lot of processed and refined snacks and sugars.

It was suggested that this can lead to insulin problems, energy peaks and valleys as well as ‘crashes’ and could even contribute to or lead to a diabetic condition.

The author also suggested that people focus more on essential fats like olive or fish oil, nuts as well as vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables and lean meats and fish.

I decided to follow this routine and eliminate most if not all of the refined sugars from my diet for a day or two.

The result: I really did feel like I had more energy and I could see that the extra energy that I felt had a tangible effect on the people around me. They responded and reacted to me more powerfully than in the past. I can only guess that this had something to do with my renewed energy levels.

I have been piling olive oil on my salads and even other foods. I have been avoiding the fu fu coffee drinks and sugary snacks.

It appears to be working for me, enhancing my energy levels and giving me a better ‘feeling’ as I go about my day.

Just wanted to let you know about these results. Though perhaps not exactly the latest NEWS, it is always good to be reminded.

For a diabetic, maintaining optimal blood sugar levels is very important and failing to do so can have an effect on long term health and well being.

Research indicates that maintaining your blood glucose (sugar) levels close to normal reduces your chances of having kidney, nerve and eye problems. To regulate your diabetes, you’ll need to know your blood glucose numbers and your targeted goals.

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