Brushing Your Teeth too Hard

Special Free Report, Fighting Gum DiseaseIt has now been about two and one-half weeks since my gum graph surgery was performed.

The results have been pretty good. I was hoping for the gum tissue to settle a little higher but it is still pretty good.

The reason I had gum surgery was due to gum recession. It seems likely that the recession was due more to brushing too hard than to gum disease.

In either case, the periodontist said this was the only spot that needed some work. My gums are healthy and pink and they are not diseased at this point, but years of brushing too hard have left my gums receded.

The purpose of brushing is little more than to remove a thin biofilm called plaque that houses the anaerobic bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities.

The biolfilm is very weak. Yet, to prevent gum disease, it must be removed daily. That is the purpose of brushing and flossing.

Though brushing and flossing are often are not enough by themselves because they don’t get every single spot in your mouth.

Since the biofilm is weak, there is NO REASON to ever brush hard. Instead brush very gently.

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