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Therabreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray – 3 Pak

By david / June 15, 2011

Fresh Breath Throat Spray

This throat spray has a long nozzle designed to deliver the oxygenated compounds to the back of the throat as well as the base of the tongue.

After spraying those areas you should pull the nozzle back a bit and let one long spray disperse throughout the mouth.

Oxygen is used to foil the sulfur compound producing bacteria (those responsible for bad breath). The long nozzle allows you to reach those hard to get places and give them a nice shot of the oxygenated spray.

If you would like to save on this 3-pak, coupon code a-per10 gives you free shipping and a free tube of perio therapy toothpaste (another oxygenated paste). If you would like to see more special coupons visit this site first. There are a number of money saving coupons there. You can choose the one that best fits your situation and needs.

This spray may be particularly beneficial in the morning.

This was said in general. If you have specific questions about your dental health, be sure to ask those questions to your health care provider of choice.

Fresh Breath Throat Spray

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