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Book Review: Stupid Reasons People Die

By Dave / June 12, 2007

Reasons-people-diel“Stupid Reasons People Die” is an excellent book that teaches you about simple, inexpensive tests that can help you to see if you are at risk for cancer , heart attack, or stroke before they happen and give you enough time to take action to avoid disaster.

You should know about these tests and the difference they can make in your life. Your life is a gift not only you but to the peoplethat you love and you’ll want to be there for the long haul.

Imagine expanding your life span by decades or longer.

Here is what some others have said about Dr. Corso’s book:

“Dr. Corso does 3 things well in his book. He describes complex
medical conditions in a straightforward manner with simple language.
He explains how the relationship between patients, doctors, and
their health insurers has become warped. Finally, he provides a
strategy that we can all use to take control of our health care and
make informed decisions to maximize our health. This is a good read
for someone who wants to make sense of how to be proactive in health
care. ” Marc June

“At age forty, I was still operating under the assumption that I am
indestructible…probably immortal even. I’d lived a charmed life
where health was concerned. When a friend suggested I read STUPID
REASONS PEOPLE DIE, I left it on my night stand for months. When I
finally peeled back the cover I was taken in an instant. Dr. Corso’s
humor and instantly relatable writing style pulled me in. Once “in”
I found that I agreed with his assertions regarding managing your
health. That revelation led to a few blood tests, which led to the
discovery that I wasn’t the “Ox” I’d thought I was. My cholesterol
was mysteriously high and I went on to find other symptoms of heart
disease. My doctor classified me as a “time bomb” that was set to go
off had I not taken action. I’m an avid reader and yet, this is the
first time I’ve taken a minute to jot out a review. This is
important stuff…take care of yourself, read it!!!” Katie Merrit

You’ll find out exactly why doctors are bound up by protocals and
insurance company rules and what you can do to break free and help
your doctor provide better than standard care for you.

Dr. Corso’s book is now selling for around $17

But when you see all of the bonus material that comes with this
book, $17 dollars is going to look like a penny in comparison.

Just one bonus, “What You Should Know about Gum Disease ” is
currently selling for $20 at LuLu.com

But you can have it and 12 other valuable bonuses for free when you
purchase a copy of Dr. Corso’s book.

You can see this special offer at:


Might want to hurry though, the offer is supposed to end on June 12,
2007 at midnight.

Enjoy and prosper from Dr. Corso’s book and the free bonuses that
come with it. This is life enhancing stuff that you can’t get
anywhere else at such a low price.

Warm regards,




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