Alternative To Braces

By david / May 13, 2011
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An Alternative to Braces

Not long ago, I visited an Orthodontist in Germany. I had noticed that I had been pushing on one of my front incisors when sleeping and that over time this action had shifted this tooth and other teeth were starting to turn in response.

I was really worried about this. My top teeth had always been naturally straight, but it appears the stress of life was taking its toll while I slept.

I am not interested in braces because I know that the gums and teeth are harder to care for when you have them.  In addition, I wasn’t interested in having things glued to the surface of my teeth either.

I was very delighted to find out that the Orthodontist had another way to straighten my teeth. She said that my teeth were not too bad at this point. As a result she had a mold made and created the device you see in the picture.

This was exactly the solution I was looking for. I didn’t have to get braces and my top teeth could still be straightened with this method.

Once a week on Sunday’s I turn the adjustment screw, this applies more pressure to adjust my teeth. Once every five weeks or so, I go in to see the Orthodontist and she makes adjustments to the device according to what is needed. She said this process will take about 1 year.

An Alternative to Braces

The Screw That the Patient Adjusts Is In The Center - Others Are Adjusted Periodically By the Doctor

I was delighted to learn this was a possibility. If your teeth are very crooked this may not be a possibility for you. However, if  they are not too far off, this method could be worth it to you. Obviously, you will need an Orthodontist to evaluate your situation.

As for my bottom teeth, they have always been a bit more crooked. I have been told on several occasions that a tooth will need to be pulled in order to straighten them. I cannot justify giving up a perfectly good tooth, so I have decided not to worry about the bottom teeth.

My top had always been naturally straight but have started to change in recent years. So, I figured this was worth fixing and it did not require any pulled teeth.

Keeping Your Teeth Clean in Braces

If you do happen to have braces, you probably already know that keeping your teeth clean is problematic. The real danger is plaque and tartar build up. These will harbor the harmful bacteria that cause dental health issues like gum disease and cavities.

If you have braces or are looking for a way to straighten your teeth, you are obviously a person who cares about your dental health and appearance. Therefore, you will want a solution to this problem.

The hydrofloss oral irrigator is a good choice. It has been shown in peer reviewed studies to reduce plaque and tartar buildup between office visit cleanings to a greater extent over irrigation without the same technology.

This same machine was able to help me avoid a SRP – Scaling and Root Planing – or Deep Cleaning treatment a few years back. Of course, no two people are the same and results can vary, but I have found from talking to others that they have had similar results.

I hope that this has helped to inform you that there may be alternatives to braces

Regardless of whether  you are looking for an alternative to braces or you are interested in better dental health and keeping your teeth for your lifetime, you will want to learn more about maintaining and promoting your dental health at home.

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