Gum Disease Fighting Products Show Results

By Dave / June 7, 2007

Hi Dave,

Thank you very much for your invaluable information about treatment of gum disease.

As I said before, using some of your products has made a huge difference to my gums, my teeth look whiter, gums are pink and less puffy and there has been no more bleeding at all…and of course my breath is fresher even in the morning.

I use my mouthwash after lunch at work and I floss morning and evening. Unfortunately I still enjoy my coffee and red wine but I try to rinse my mouth every time I have something that could stain my teeth..God, I’m becoming obsessional!

I have been using Hydrofloss with Aktiveoxygen, the Perio toothpaste and mouthwash as well as the OraMD oil, which I use after Hydroflossing.

I have also been experimenting with 10% iodine solution and grapeseed extract solution and the results are really great especially since the GSE has a broad antibiotic role.

I do have a dentist phobia and I have not contacted a Periodontist. However I am lucky as one of my best friends is a dentist and she has been regularly removing plaque off my teeth (only over the last 2 years)

I think my gum problems are moderate in severity and mainly confined to my maxillary where I inherited my father’s crowded teeth

I am conscious that I have to see a Periodontist and I’m ashamed to say that I have not got the guts yet

I am a doctor myself, but my speciality is General Psychiatry…and strangely enough I cannot cure my own phobias. How ironic is that?

Thank you again and please keep me informed !




Response: Thank you very much, Mirella. I am so very delighted to learn that the information and experiences that I have shared are helping others.

Thank you again.

– Dave

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