HydroFloss Reservoir Replacement

By david / April 26, 2011

Hydro Floss Reservoir tank
Topic: HydroFloss Reservoir Replacement

The Hydro Floss oral irrigator is a fantastic machine that many people have discovered for themselves. Occasionally a replacement reservoir is needed. They are often difficult to find. Here is a great place where you can get one.

Hydro Floss Reservoir


In case you were wondering if this reservoir will fit your Hydro Floss, there is nothing to worry about.  There is only one genuine Hydro Floss and it has been made the same way for over 20 years now.

Therefore, you can rest assured that, at the time of this writing (April 2011) that this reservoir will fit your machine – provided you have a genuine Hydro Floss.   If you are not sure that you have a real Hydro Floss, you can call the number after clicking through the above link to ask.

I have had the pleasure of hearing the individual stories of dozens if not hundreds of people by now about how the Hydro Floss has helped them.  Since I have my own story to tell about this machine, I do not find it at all surprising and I am absolutely delighted to hear similar stories from others.

Occasionally, someone will drop their reservoir or damage it in one way or another.  Sometimes the reservoir does not seat properly any longer.  These problems do not happen very often but when they do, many people would prefer to replace their reservoir, rather than purchasing a new unit.

Personally, I think everyone should have two HFs in their home.  Perhaps one for travel.  Here is a travel tip: if you want to travel with your hydro floss keep the original box it comes in and then use that box and the styrofoam that encases it to protect it during travel.   This tip came from a happy customer who travelled a lot and did NOT want to be without her hydro floss oral irrigator.

Perhaps a slightly more unusual problem is for the HF hose to spring a leak.  This can happen. You can get the hose assembly via the same link above.

Your Hydro Floss is a very powerful tool to help you protect your dental health.   Many of the people I talk to tell me that they have seen a reduction in their periodontal pocket depths.  That is certainly good news for those suffering from dental disease.

Your dentist or hygienist should be checking these depths at every visit.  If they are not, ask them too!  You want to monitor to make sure your depths stay at 3mm and below – above that is usually considered a problem by your dentist.  If this happens to you, do not panic,  just be aware that you have to take action to protect your dental health and get those pockets back to 3mm or below.

The key is what you do at home.  You can only get your teeth cleaned a few times a year at most.  What you do every day at home has the greatest impact in your dental health.   Your hygienist can help you with tips and tricks.  This may be where the Hydro Floss comes in for you!  Ask.

You may also want to read the book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease to gain a greater understanding about the problems of dental health from a layman’s perspective.   This book is easy to read and very thorough.  It is not technical and the explanations of complex issues are fairly simple and easy to understand.

There are also specialty tips for the Hydro Floss, you can read about the Pocket-Pal Jet Tips.

Anyway, you probably came here to get a HydroFloss reservoir – thanks for visiting!



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