Your Teeth and Gums Need Your Attention…

By david / April 24, 2011

Like most of us, I think it is safe to assume that you would most likely be interested in keeping your original teeth. Who would not? The problem is that many people are on a course to expensive dental treatments and lost teeth but they are completely unaware of it.

The problem is a very silent but very active disease called periodontal disease. You can ask any dental practitioner and most will agree that about 75% of people have some form of this disease in their mouth right now. The vexing part of this problem is that its progression is painless (most of the time) until things really get bad. Many people are not aware that brushing and flossing daily does not mean that you are safe from this problem.

That is it in a nutshell. Many people are surprised, when they are finally informed, that they have gum disease. They just cannot grasp the implications of this problem, simply because the education about it has been lacking.

From one perspective, it is easy to understand. Our mouths are the biggest single opening to the outside world. It is very easy for bacteria to find its way in and form colonies. Some people have a natural protection from ‘good’ bacteria. Others, do not. Keeping your gums healthy is something that is hard to do, particularly when you are completely unaware that there is a problem.

Pocket depths are the real objective measure that your hygienist and/or dentist should be checking at every visit. Anything above 3mm (with the possible exception of the very back molars) is considered a problem and an indication of disease.

What you do at home is what has the single greatest impact on stopping | preventing expensive dental treatments and tooth loss. One of the greatest tools that I know of that seems to help a lot of people is the hydro floss oral irrigator. I know this device has helped people because they tell me their pocket depth readings have changed for the better – often when nothing else has worked!

Remember that 75% statistic quoted above? Do you know for sure you don’t have any gum disease? Do you know what your pocket depths were at the time of your last dental clinic visit?

The addition of the hydrofloss to your oral routine takes about 5 minutes of your time in the morning. Is it worth it to help you have healthier teeth and gums? Only you can answer that question.

Another great resource is the book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease. Every family should have a copy!

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