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Can I Have Veneers or Lumineers if I Have Gum Disease?

By Dave / June 5, 2007

restoreQuestion: Since I’ve been following your advice my gums look much better and I am thrilled about it.

I’d like to know whether in the future, if things improve, I could have any dental work such as veneers or lumineers etc..or perhaps gum grafting.

Many thanks.

Answer: Hi Mirela, Thank you for the feedback. I’m really happy to know that others have found my information and shared experiences helpful. Of course, I’m careful to tell others that I’m not providing advice because that is the realm of doctors and dentists.

Can you have veneers or lumineers?

Since your gums are getting healthier that is a very good sign.

There are two aspects to maintaining gum health. One is home care. That includes the brushing and flossing that everyone has heard of. It can also include use of the Perio-Aid, the hydrofloss, essential oils , oxygenated mouthwash and special toothpaste or mouthpaste – as well as other tools and products.

The second is professional care. We need both home care and professional care to maintain the health of our gums. Professional cleanings of every three months or ideally every two months, are just as important for the health of our gums as the daily home care that we do ourselves.

Of all the professionals that can help you with your gum health, I recommend periodontists the most highly. They have specialized training, knowledge and experience when it comes to the health of your gums.

Therefore, I suggest that you go see a periodontist if you are not already seeing one. The periodontist will make a total assessment of your gum health. If he thinks you might need some tissue or bone replacement, he has all the tools and skills to do that.

I recently had a tissue graph done myself. Even though my gums are healthier than ever, there is no easy or widely accepted way, as of yet, to grow lost tissue back.

If your gum disease was moderate to severe, you may be a person who needs some tissue (bone or gum tissue) replaced.

Once your periodontist feels that your gums have been restored to an optimal health level there should be no reason why you couldn’t have veneers or lumineers done. That is a question that your periodontist can help you to answer.

Be careful in choosing a professional. It is important to choose one that you like and feel comfortable with. If you have an uneasy feeling about any professional, including dentists and even periodontists, find another one that you do like. It is hard to follow the advice of a professional that we don’t fully trust.

Ask lots of questions, any professional that won’t patiently answer your questions, whatever they may be, should probably be abandoned in favor of one who will. Check and double check the information he provides you. This is how you can intelligently build confidence and trust in your health care providers.

Mirela, I’m glad that you have found my information valuable. Thank you so much for letting me know. That means a lot to me and I appreciate your taking the time to do so. If you have any more questions or a follow up to this one – Just ask Dave a question.

David also writes for the http://gingivitiskiller.com website.


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* This post is for information purposes only and is not guaranteed to be correct. If you have or think you have gum disease or any other health care problem, contact your doctor, dentist or other qualified physician for treatment, advice and diagnosis.

Reference : National Institutes of Health Publication No. 02-1142 shows us that The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacil Research finds that about eighty percent of adult Americans have gum disease in some form. It would be reasonable to believe that the numbers are similar or possibly worse around the world.

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