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Hydro Floss Success Story – Just One of Many…

By Dave / March 28, 2011
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On Mar 25, 2011, at 4:11 PM, Sherry wrote:

Hello David,

It was totally to my surprise, last month when I went to see the Dentist, he said that I had only two teeth [with] 4 mm depth pocket, [the] rest all were 3 mm, and that was normal.
I was just surprised. Earlier it used to be 6 to 7 mm depth[s], and even higher.
I eat nuts, apples, very easily, but not before using Hydrofloss, I would soon start getting a headache.

So, I am, to a great extent thankful to Hydrofloss.

I am seeing my Dentist on Monday, i.e March 28th. Again, and I will talk about Hydrofloss, and its advantages, and see what he says.

My Dentist now is [Dentist’s Name and Location Removed]

Sherry [Last name Removed]

My Response

Hi Sherry,

That is great news. I think you should be down to under 3 by now, so I will ask you:

Are you using two reservoirs per use, twice per day?

If not, and you do that, maybe you will find it getting even better?

Thanks for keeping me updated. I’m glad to hear that it is going well!


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