Halitosis – What Is Halitosis?

By david / December 27, 2010

I thought I would make a video to talk about halitosis – a.k.a. bad breath.

Here is the video, let me know what you think about it, by leaving a comment below:


http://www.ToBeInformed.com/bbbook – Free digital book on bad breath..

Bad breath or halitosis is a problem that effects millions of people around the world.

Sometimes it is merely a ‘situational’ bad breath – perhaps brought on by eating onions, garlic or some other type of food or beverage.

However, many times it is of a chronic nature.  This is the situation for those in the video at http://www.tobeinformed.com/StopBadBreath

As you can see, bad breath can be a problem in all aspects of life. Family members may even complain or keep a distance.  That would be a bad feeling for all involved.

Others may find that they suffer professionally. It would be easy to imagine why.

Therefore, for those who suffer, it is important to find a solution.  Covering or masking the symptoms of bad breath tend to be VERY temporary measures.

While it may be true that it is impossible to get rid of all the bacteria that produce bad breath, perhaps controlling the population of those bacteria would have a beneficial effect.

This is why I like the therabreath line of products which includes mouthwash, toothpaste and more.  These products are oxygenated and pH balanced and in theory, should be helpful in controlling the anaerobic bacteria that help to cause this type of problem.

Judging by what is said on their website plus my own understanding of how the products work and why they are better than other products, they have been able to help millions around the world.  Now that is a great thing to have happen.

The free digital resource on fighting bad breath above is worth the read. There is an awful lot of good information in there about what the problem really is and what you can do about it.

You can also read more about that particular brand of mouthwash.

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