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Essential Oils for Dental Health?

By david / December 27, 2010

I made a video about an interesting experience I had.  If you live in the US, you may find this information interesting.

Here is the video:


With the power of big pharma growing and the threats that we may possibly need prescriptions for vitamins, information about natural things for health may diminish even further.

However, there are a few groups out there that stand for natural health. They may be able to preserve the existing information.

In any case. Plant chemicals have been around for ages. They are called phytochemicals.

Many modern medicines are based on these naturally occurring plant chemicals, but unfortunately, they are synthetically imitated so that they can be patented.

So far, “they” have not been permitted to patent naturally occurring plant chemicals.

The pharmacy person told us that essential oil blends were good for various problems. Please note that is not me making that statement. I am only telling you what the pharmacy person told us.

Of course, if you are ill, you should be under the care of a physician who can diagnose, advise and suggest treatment to you. The FDA has not evaluated any statements about essential oils.

Yet, I think it is, as of now, still ok to talk about personal experiences. Who knows if that will change in the future. It does worry me a bit. Call me paranoid. However it does appear that we live in a world where more and more rights are being taken away from us.

This means that the right to have access to natural remedies may be taken away at some point too. From what I understand some beneficial things have been ‘outlawed’.

In the US, only the people can make a difference by standing up together. But if the interest is not strong enough, more and more laws will get ‘slipped’ into the system thereby causing us to lose our rights, legally.

For example, there is now a patent for a form of Vitamin B6 – how can this happen you might ask?

Don’t you think the only reason for spending the money on this can only be for one reason? Could it be to charge for a ‘drug’ that is nothing more than vitamin B6? Now, I don’t like to talk in terms of conspiracy theories, but it is worth considering!

For now, let’s just say that human beings have used plants and essential oils for a very long time in our history. This knowledge should be preserved and access to such materials should NOT require a prescription or to have the only access to be through a prescription.

This was said in general terms here. if you have specific questions about your unique dental health situation, ask your doctor for the answers to those questions.

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